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Amine Plants

Amine treating sweetens sour gas by eliminating CO2 and H2S from the gas stream.

  • Improves gas marketability
  • Eliminates penalties paid for delivering gas outside required specification
  • Reduces damage and enhances longevity of downstream equipment

Our plants are designed to reduce total cost to customers and downtime

  • Our plants represent decades of experience in designing, constructing and operating gas treating facilities.
  • Our operations team has significant input in the design of our plant to ensure efficient maintenance and to eliminate as much downtime as possible
  • Plants range in size form 12 GPM to 300 GPM
  • Multiple size front ends available depending upon gas composition
  • Modular, skid-mounted units for rapid installation and commissioning

Flexible service pricing models:

  • “All-in” monthly rate
  • Monthly rate with installation and demobilization charge
  • Flow rate based pricing

Telemetric Monitoring: Spartan constantly monitors the operation of its plant and offers its customers the ability to track plant performance from the internet.

  • Our field staff tracks plant performance and identifies operational issues before they become a problem
  • Remote emergency shutdown capability
  • Ability to monitor customer specific data at customers option including performance and maintenance records.

amine plant

We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t make compromises. We stand behind our services.
We call it The Spartan Advantage.